International Taxation

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International Taxation

As companies sail into new markets, they are faced with a tax structure that becomes more difficult to control and increases risk. Managing the financial structure and tax planning brought about by international trade mobility and complying with reporting rules are becoming more and more complex. With the professional team of VIER PARTNERS CPA, we are at your side in opening new targets for companies by providing cost-effective compliance services.

While companies reach high quality and low-cost compliance targets, they minimize tax risks with very important steps in strategic decision-making stages.

In addition, as a reflection of the increasing capital mobility, we ensure transactions are completed in a fast, robust and harmonious manner with our structuring, financing, integration, and reporting services within the framework of country legislation for investments to be made in Turkey through acquisitions or mergers.

In this context, you can benefit from the following services:

  • Analysis within bilateral tax agreements and investment protection agreements
  • Kontrol edilen yabancı kurum mevzuatı çerçevesinde yatırımların değerlendirilmesi
  • Evaluation in the light of the measures taken at the global level against the erosion of the tax base (BEPS)
  • Following the legislation on international transactions and ensuring continuity in tax compliance within this framework

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Transfer Pricing

As VIER Partners CPA, we provide certification and transfer pricing services that our business partners need.

Examining the business models and financial statements of our business partners, making benchmarking analysis for transactions with related persons/institutions, creating transfer pricing strategies, revising them periodically by considering the changes in the organizational structure Persons/institutions are required to carry out documentation studies to prove that the transactions are made at a comparable price or value.

VIER Partners CPA provides reporting and consultancy services to minimize the tax risks that our business partners may face due to Transfer Pricing transactions.

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