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Payroll Services

We contribute significantly to reducing the administrative expenses of their companies with our personnel transactions and payroll services for our local and international business partners.

Thanks to these services, we also provide our business partners with the required wage confidentiality. In addition, our professional team will provide continuous consultancy regarding all legal notifications and processes along with payroll services. Our applications, which will save time and cost for our business partners, meet you with the goal of maximum benefit.

Details of our services

  • Calculation of Hourly/Daily/Monthly Payrolls
  • All kinds of official calculations, reporting, and information regarding payroll
  • Social Security Institution entry and exit procedures
  • Consultancy on payroll processes such as submission of payrolls, bank payments, premiums, and advances
  • Personnel transactions
  • Providing all kinds of consultancy on the Labor Law and its practices, informing about legal practices and changes

We Care About Privacy

We send the prepared payrolls separately for each personnel via e-mail or share them with our business partners in closed envelopes.

In addition, while creating the bank format for fee payments, we ensure these payments are sent in encrypted form by the system.

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Special SSI Incentive Analysis for You

As VIER Partners CPA, we follow up-to-date incentive opportunities in order to reduce SSI Employer premium costs and to adapt to the competitive conditions in the market.

With this service, our business partners; make a comprehensive analysis of insurance incentives that they benefit from but not benefit from, and they can benefit from the incentives within the framework of current legislation at the maximum level.

In addition, we always transfer the general consultancy service within SSI to our business partners.

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